Markets Served

Experience with systems and products is certainly important when deciding on a safety and security company, but industry experience is critical.

Every industry has its own compliance, regulatory standards, safety protocols and oversight agencies, all of whom have their own reporting and maintenance requirements. It is important to ensure that your safety and security partner has the right experience to keep your systems running and you in compliance.

Whether it is a city, county or state regulation, or even a Joint Compliance issue, LMC Fire & Security has breadth and depth of experience in specific verticals. Our professionals bring knowledge to the table that supports your needs. Whether it’s in the design phase, determining monitoring, or simple inspections and maintenance, we will ensure you have what you need to meet rigorous reporting and compliance schedules.


We specialize in the following market verticals:




Daycare Facilities



Each of these verticals has their own specifications that must be met to ensure compliance.

Don’t leave your safety and security systems to chance. Contact us and learn more about the experience we have in your industry.

Integrated Solutions

Equipment Installation

It begins with the initial system, ensuring that you receive the best solution for your particular building and industry. We also ensure that all code regulations and restrictions are met, while keeping in mind any specialized inspections such as Joint Commission.

Testing and Inspection

Our professional team will provide regularly scheduled testing and inspections of your fire security systems. In addition, you will be in compliance with the fire code and therefore minimize the opportunity to be fined during an inspection.

Maintenance & Repair

Don’t risk unnecessary damage and injury to employees or customers due to a faulty fire system. Our experience in multiple systems and facilities coupled with our personalized service ensures your facility remains safe.

Monitoring and Reporting

We ensure that your equipment is functioning properly and meets compliance and rigorous safety standards.

Our team is ready to support your safety and security needs.

At LMC Fire & Security, we believe that safety and security adds value to our customers,
when done correctly. We build relationships with our clients who soon realize they can trust us to deliver as promised.